Regiweld Orefiend

An educated dwarf with a thirst for knowledge.


Non-combat character.


Regiweld Orefiend is the headmaster of the Steven Arborosa University of Academics, and has been for the last six years.  He is very interested in the history and application of religion in the world, from the commonplace gods with temples in nearly every city, to the obscure with only wayward memorials, to the sinister and dark.  This interest leads him to own many books on the subject which he regularly pours over.

Orefield recently organized an expedition to explore the ancient runes of what was percieved to be a religious temple.  Deeply intriguied by this and excited to learn more about a forgotten religion, he organized an expedition to retrieve artifacts and other details from the ruins.  After paying quite liberally with the university's funds, the knowledge he aquired from the expedition, that the dark god "Sallas" was being summoned, intensely concerns him.

Regiweld Orefiend

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